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The only place in Ireland to get Stick Massage!

The member of our team - Marcin - is a certified Stick Massage therapist.

His experience has already been internationally recognised as he provided massages at events all over the world.

Stick Massage is a unique way to work on your body, mind and spirit. Not only does it provide deep relaxation, but also brings peace of mind and incredible awareness of your own body. It's an experience like no other.


Systema Stick Massage

is a unique massaging experience. The use of sticks helps reach and release deepest tensions, while at the same time giving you amazing awareness of your own body. Every massage is different as it is always adjusted to suit your personal needs.

During the massage you can expect your instructor to use various techniques to make sure you benefit from the massage as much as possible. Depending on the scale and type of tension in your body, the instructor may use a Cossack whip, a shashka and other equipment on top of the famous sticks.


- the use of wooden sticks in the massage allows for a much deeper tissue work.

- because of the much deeper tissue work therapists pass an extensive training in sensitivity development. Something that takes years to develop from practicing other forms of massage.


- emphasis is on relaxing and rejuvenating the central nervous system as this allows to bring healing to the whole body faster and more efficiently.


- the deep tissue work alongside the spine is extremely important as we age as the human spine tends to stiffen up over time which leads to a number of unnecessary but common unhealthy conditions.


- usually after 3 sessions people report huge improvement in their overall health.


The rising popularity of stick massage is due to faster relief from pain and its unique deep tissue work. Stick massage has been available in Ireland only for a few months and it is already rising in popularity rapidly.

Stick Massage Therapy

60min - €65

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