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Systema Ryabko Massage Online Course

This online course teaches the unique practice of Systema Massage.

It is divided into 5 modules and each of them gives in-depth instructions on techniques used for particular parts of the body.

Part 1: Back And Neck In this module you are going to learn how to release the tension from all major groups of back muscles - from small postural muscles to the large ones (e.g. Trapezius). It will cover full back, including lumbar, thoracic and cervical parts of the spine with the analysis of most common back problems and possible treatments.

Part 2: Legs This part of the course will focus on legs. You will learn how to release deep tension from the large thigh muscles - hamstrings at the back and quadriceps in the front. The course will also provide correct techniques to work efficiently on the main calf muscles: Gastrocnemius and Soleus. The presentation will include elements of footwork, so you will learn to massage the full leg.


Part 3: Arms And Shoulders This module will partly overlap with Part 1 of the course. As you learn the connection between back muscles and arms, you will understand the importance of holistic approach to massage. This part will cover full upper limb, starting with hands and ending with shoulders. You will learn how releasing tension helps improve joint mobility.

Part 4: Head And Face Often overlooked in common practice, head massage is, in fact, incredibly important. As accumulated tension in certain muscles can often cause headaches, head massage can have a massive impact on the body and your client's well-being. This module will also include a presentation on face massage. You'll learn how to massage major muscles responsible for face expressions and body functions (e.g. chewing).

Part 5: Additional Massage Tools And Summary This module will teach you to use the tools at hand to provide a massage most suited to your client's needs. You will learn to use tools like a Cossack whip (long and short), ladoshka, suction cups, needle mat and a needle ball. Presented tools will help you assess the client's needs, prepare them for the stick massage and adjust your techniques depending on their needs. As the last part of the course this module will also include a summary of the presented techniques and will teach you to put all the information together in order to provide a full body massage experience.


Daniil Ryabko